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Workshops & Events

Mindfulness Workshop $20Purchase required to enroll

Mindfulness Workshop Series by Infinite Alignment

Feb. 22 & Mar.22

Powerful, Experiential Mindfulness Workshops for Mental & Emotional Wellness, Self-Healing and Empowerment

​Basic mindfulness brings you home to the present moment where you can live your life most fully. Here relaxation, focus, concentration, aliveness and ease are possible. Mindfulness as a state of being creates peace, love and fulfillment from within. It brings clarity, focus and wisdom to the mind, and can rejuvenate health and well-being. Regular mindfulness practices result in inner peace, enhanced relationships and renewed passion and purpose at work and home.

Guided by John Fick and Christine Pollock, Infinite Alignment's unique Mindfulness Workshops integrate a wide range of experiential practices/techniques – including meditation, breathwork, movement, and sound – to facilitate the release and relaxation of the brain and nervous system and create a peaceful state of mindfulness.

In Infinite Alignment’s Mindfulness Workshops, you will learn practical skills to:

• Train your mind to find peace

• Gain the confidence to trust your inner guidance

• Face everyday challenges with ease

• Use self-perception as a mirror to reveal your limiting beliefs

• Live fully in the present

• Discover your personal power

• Align with your infinite, intelligent self

• Revitalize your physical body and health

• Slow down and just be.

Visit InfiniteAlignment.com for more information about us.

Women's Moon Circle $25Purchase required to enroll

Women’s Moon Circle

In the days of old, women gathered at new moon time to commune with one another as well as to set intention for the upcoming “month.” Studio B offers you a modern-day version of this sacred and special time away from the daily demands of life.

If you desire time to relax and recharge, to be in community with other women, or to be more mindful, this is the evening for you!

The circle is hosted by Jennifer Reeve, a certified facilitator of the Wild Woman Project (wildwomanproject.com). Jennifer is also a yoga and Qoya teacher at Studio B.

What to expect

· A sacred circle of supportive sisterhood designed to help you set a personal intention within the framework of a theme selected for each moon cycle.

· Space for you to connect with your inner self, to other women and to be just as you are.

· Your experience will be reflective of what you bring to it. Leave room for mystery and magic!

What to bring

· A journal and pen

· An optional meditation chair. We will have plenty cushions available and regular chairs if you need one.

· You are invited to place item(s) meaningful to you on our altar for the evening.

· A water bottle if you desire. (Light refreshments will be provided.)

What to wear

In preparation for the evening, you can begin setting sacred space by mindfully adorning yourself. This means taking time to intentionally dress yourself, choosing clothing and jewelry that reflect how you want to feel in circle. That said, a few reminders:

· You will be asked to remove your shoes for sitting in our circle.

· We will be sitting on the floor (unless you need a chair) and lying down for visualization.

Other Important Info

· We like to start promptly at 6:30 p.m. You can help by arriving a few minutes early to check in, get refreshments and get to know one another.

· While there will be no time during circle to make announcements or chat, feel free to mingle before and after!

· Circles are limited to 12 participants to assure that all have an opportunity to share.

Questions? Contact Jennifer at jenwreeve@gmail.com or 720-530-1100.

Malas and Mantras $60Purchase required to enroll

Malas and Mantras

An evening of intention setting and majik making.

Please join Heather Hottovy and Niki Simms on a journey through Mala Making with a heart-centered intention. Malas are sacred tools used in meditation dating back thousands of years and in the process of making one, we enable ourselves to break boundaries, drop in to the current moment and physically “knot” our intentions into the string.

All materials will be provided. Rose quartz stone beads will be knotted into these malas in order to amplify the heart’s intentions. Light refreshments and warm smiles will be provided as well. This is a prepaid workshop and will be an investment for your wellbeing. This event will fill quickly, so please sign up to reserve your spot. We only have room for 20 lovely individuals.

When: Thursday, March 29th - 6 to 8 PM

Where: Studio B, Evergreen

27905 Meadow Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439

Investment: $60 - due at time of registration for materials

Please RSVP By:​March 10th (to give ample time to order materials)

What to Bring: Water, Special Guru Beads or other Talismans if wanted to use (we will provide Rose Quartz Guru Beads otherwise) Good Intentions, and an Open Heart.