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Mindfulness Workshop

$20Purchase required to enroll

Mindfulness Workshop Series by Infinite Alignment

Feb. 22 & Mar.22

Powerful, Experiential Mindfulness Workshops for Mental & Emotional Wellness, Self-Healing and Empowerment

​Basic mindfulness brings you home to the present moment where you can live your life most fully. Here relaxation, focus, concentration, aliveness and ease are possible. Mindfulness as a state of being creates peace, love and fulfillment from within. It brings clarity, focus and wisdom to the mind, and can rejuvenate health and well-being. Regular mindfulness practices result in inner peace, enhanced relationships and renewed passion and purpose at work and home.

Guided by John Fick and Christine Pollock, Infinite Alignment's unique Mindfulness Workshops integrate a wide range of experiential practices/techniques – including meditation, breathwork, movement, and sound – to facilitate the release and relaxation of the brain and nervous system and create a peaceful state of mindfulness.

In Infinite Alignment’s Mindfulness Workshops, you will learn practical skills to:

• Train your mind to find peace

• Gain the confidence to trust your inner guidance

• Face everyday challenges with ease

• Use self-perception as a mirror to reveal your limiting beliefs

• Live fully in the present

• Discover your personal power

• Align with your infinite, intelligent self

• Revitalize your physical body and health

• Slow down and just be.

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