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Meet our wonderful instructors!
  • Jennifer Reeve

    Yoga is not just for those who are flexible or strong! Yoga is for those who want to become more flexible and stronger in body, mind and spirit. My mission is to meet my students where they are, and working with their inner wisdom, guide them to growth on and off the mat. My classes are mindful, flowing and offer modifications for all levels of practitioners. I’m a certified Hatha Yoga instructor who has been practicing for more than 16 years. My newest passion is honoring the Divine Feminine as a teacher of Qoya--a movement system that celebrates the essence of women as wise, wild and free. This mindful practice combines yoga, dance and feminine movement and is so much fun!

  • Lisa Carter

    Lisa Carter has been in an on again off again relationship with yoga since 1989. She has traveled to India, studying yoga in the ashrams of Rishikesh. Two years ago her eight year old daughter asked "How can I slow my mind? It's like a machine!" It was then she returned to yoga practice and lifestyle and brought yoga to her family. She recently completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Shambhava Yoga. She has lived in Evergreen for 18 years and enjoys family and community building.
  • Michelle De Waele

    Michelle uses smooth yet powerful yoga techniques, asana, breath and meditation work and offers mindful practices grounded in alignment that bring empowerment and wisdom to the heart.
    Her teaching supports and inspires transformation of the individual inside and out. Michelle's 500-hour haha-yoga instructor's journey started 15 years ago and is now unfolding as a yoga therapy advocate following the 1200-hour IAYT program, practicing and teaching the fundamentals of yoga therapy techniques such as Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Mudras associated with, Qigong and Food & Natural Healing Science.
  • Nicole Sims

    Niki has been practicing and studying healing energies from a young age, her mother being her first teacher. During part of Niki's journey, she fell in love with the physical part of yoga. After completion of teacher training, she realized there was a need for people who were curious about yoga but hesitant to step into a class because they didn't feel they were bendy enough. Niki makes yoga accessible for every body. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.

  • Stacey Bickler

    Stacey has been a healer on a path of helping people all her life. Her interest in wellness inspired her to train and become certified as a Satori Lifestyle Coach, Satori Yoga Teacher, and Satori Yoga Certification Trainer. She is also a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, ACE Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Practitioner. Her passion for helping people is evident in everything she does and everyone she touches. Stacey’s power as a healer and loving spirit helps others transform their lives on every level.
  • Isabelle Casey

    I knew I was home from the first time I placed my hands on my yoga mat. From that point, my journey of exploration began. I was taught Ashtanga yoga as a supplement to my gymnastics training curriculum. Once I decided to not be a gymnast anymore, I continued to practice yoga. I found a yoga studio and continued my practice. I continued practicing Ashtanga yoga, and eventually began to branch out studying other styles: Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara, Universal, Yin, Power, and ParaYoga.

    Eventually, teaching found me by “accident”. I attended my regular Ashtanga Yoga class, and there was no instructor to lead. With a bit of encouragement from my fellow yoga peers, I stepped in. Though nervous during this experience, the high I felt from sharing my practice with others was huge. My teaching journey continued on… I started began teaching yoga in 1999, to a small intimate group of yogis. In 2001, my formal training began at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle under Anne Phyfe Palmer and Melina Meza, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Levels 1 and 2,Bryan Kest, Off The Mat and Into The World Leadership Training, and the Global Action Summit- both under Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling. I am currently studying under Yoga Rupa (Rod Stryker) in the ParaYoga Master Teacher program. In addition to my yoga certifications, I have completed Landmark I, Advanced Landmark Education, Igolu Leadership training under the fabulous, Suzanne Conrad. I am also a certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Science Research Foundation.

    Aside from my formal yoga trainings, my most profound teacher is life itself. I take into consideration what and whom I’ve studied from, but march to my own beat. My family, experiences, opportunities, and the beautiful people in my life are my guide. My personal practice has organically transformed from the intensity of any set style to more introspective, honing a strong flow that is attentive to the body in motion and grounding stability from our deep core. I teach to who comes to my class and draw inspiration from my own personal practice and share that with others. I truly believe that we are here to share our personal experiences. I also believe in authenticity, teaching and sharing from your own personal experiences. We are all teachers. Be your message. I am naturally drawn to not following an agenda. I have learned that it makes no sense to assume that everyone I teach is the same. We’re not! Yoga, asana in particular to classes, is subjective. Assuming that one posture or breath technique works for everyone is no different than administering aspirin to everyone. It will make some better, some sick, and some nothing. As a result, I am creative and honor the individual and their needs to the best of my ability in the present moment. My goal is to create a space for students to explore where they are in their practice. In class, the foundation is laid by breath work as a metric to follow. We explore a fusion of modalities: dynamic sequencing, physical and energetic core work, pranayama, meditation that cultivate a deeper sense of interconnectedness. My inspiration is derived from my personal, life experience, and wisdom. This creates engaging, yet strong classes that release physical and energetic boundaries in the body and mind. I encourage all to tap and trust their empowering inner wisdom and sharpen awareness on all levels in our experiences. This is yoga. This is the personal catalyst that inspires me to share the teachings of yoga. isabellecasey.com

  • Jackie Smith

    Jackie has been practicing yoga since 2005. She completed her 200 hour Power Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga in December 2011 and Level Two PTT at CorePower in 2012. Growing up in Vermont and moving to Colorado in 2002, she enjoys being outside in the sun, snow and mountains. She encourages the integration of smiling in all her classes :) Come play! Namaste.
  • Michelle Baker

    Over the years, Michelle has enjoyed practicing many styles of yoga. Once she discovered Ashtanga yoga, she knew she had found the practice that would not only lead to personal transformation, but with continued practice, would help ease the mind and maintain vitality in the body. Having gratitude for teachers and the teachings of yoga, she seeks to make the practice accessible and inspirational for others.

  • Shelly Swanke

    Shelly Swanke, RYT, received her Yoga Alliance certification in the spring of 2011. Shelly loves the experience of freedom of expression through Vinyasa practice and the life long journey of Yoga. She believes that through Yoga, we can develop a more intimate relationship with ourselves, allowing us to find balance between personal growth and acceptance. Inspired by her work with Janet Stone and Ashley Williamson, Shelly guides students to proper alignment through a Vinyasa that is dynamic and challenging. Shelly incorporates dharma wisdom and music into her class and strives to lead with grace, creativity and balance. An Evergreen resident and mother of two girls, Shelly loves being outside, photography and music, and can be found hula hooping with her girls or in a yoga class in search of the ultimate hip and shoulder stretch.
  • Tina Parisi

    Tina has practiced various styles of yoga for over 10 years. It was not until her move to Colorado that she found her path as a yoga teacher. Moving from Chicago to Evergreen she found a sense of belonging at Studio B and continues to share that experience with others. She loves living in the mountains and lives an adventurous outdoor life. She became a Satori Lifestyle coach and yoga teacher to share this practice with others. After completing her 200 Yoga Teacher Training she teaches vinyasa weaving mindful lifestyle techniques into each class. It gets you moving, grounded, and releasing negative energy. It enlightens you on and off the mat. Tina enjoys teaching yoga in the studio as well as outdoors. She has a passion for nature and connects it with her yoga practice. Join her for seasonal hiking & yoga in Evergreen. Her classes are fun, energetic, and deeply relaxing. She teaches for yogis of all skill level and encourages everyone to give it a try. See you in class!

    “Go from a human being doing yoga to a human being yoga.” ~ Baron Baptiste

  • Brenda bergreen

    A lover of adventure, Brenda Bergreenenjoys approaching the challenges of yoga with lightness, playfulness, and humor. She is interested in the different ways that yoga and meditation can help people. Brenda has been teaching yoga since 2011 to anyone from rock climbers to seniors. Her classes are designed for all levels allowing individuals to explore their own practice. She primarily teaches flow style classes with both challenging and meditative qualities. Brendareceived her 200 hour RYT yoga teacher training at the Samarya Center in Seattle, WA and has since taught over 800 classes.

    In addition to teaching yoga, Brenda is a professional photographer at Bergreen Photography and works alongside her husband Marc. They are currently exploring the impact that our yoga practice can have on the world around us by fusing their passions for yoga, photography, and nature. Check out The True Nature Tribe or www.brendabergreen.com for more info.

  • Claudine Phillips

    Claudine is a Functional Registered Dietitian, has a Masters in Exercise Physiology, and is a certified Ashtanga Teacher. Her passion is to cultivate a space to gather, grow, and give back. Her love for yoga, whole food, and fun radiates in her Ashtanga classes and lifestyle. Claudine has tended to her practice of yoga for over 13 years. She, her husband, and their three children live, work, and play in Evergreen, Colorado. www.claudinephillips.com
  • Bailey Peth

    Bio coming soon
  • Becky Johnson

    Bio coming soon
  • Carisa Diesburg

    Carisa Diesburg RYT completed her teacher training with yoga alliance certified Kindness Yoga. With her ballet background she loves the movement of connecting continuous poses: Vinyasa Flow. She has lived in Conifer Colorado for 15 years with her husband and two kids. Carisa loves spending time outdoors and enriching her yoga practice in the studio.
  • Carla Neilsen

    Hailing from the Rocky Mountains, Carla has always felt a connection with nature and untamed places. Her classes seek to invoke mindfulness for those who wish to integrate the healing power of yoga into their everyday lives. After completing her RYT certification (200 hr) in spring of 2017 through Kindness Yoga, Carla's interest in yogic philosophy and neuroscience soon led to her Yoga Nidra level 2 certification (48 hr) guided by Jeremy Wolf through Samadhi Yoga. Accessible for all levels, Yoga Nidra with Carla offers a serene movement practice followed by a deeply relaxing guided meditation.
  • Claire Eades

    Claire is a Colorado native, having grown up in the Rocky Mountains she fosters a love for the outdoors and nature. While studying Zoology and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University, she found yoga as a way to harmonize the mind and the body. Through her work both with the Denver YMCA, as the Youth & Family Programs Director, and private child care, Claire has cared for and taught youth of all ages and abilities. Creativity, caring and unbridled fun is the heart of her interactions and programs. Claire is currently trained in Post-Natal Yoga, Baby & Me Yoga (6wks-2y/o), Youth Yoga (2-18y/o), Adaptive Youth Yoga (3-18y/o), Meditations and Family Yoga (all ages). She believes in cultivating a mindful lifestyle for all ages, abilities and identities through yoga and meditation practices.

  • Jodi King

    Jodi L. King is a certified yoga instructor from Evergreen, Colorado who has been leading fitness, aerobic, stretch and yoga classes for over 35 years. She is also a leadership development trainer, facilitator and executive coach for private organizations, not-for-profits and the federal government. She brings her expertise as a facilitator to her class creating a welcoming environment and a sense of community and belonging between yoga practitioners. Jodi has been practicing yoga for most of her life. She brings a balanced approach to teaching yoga, drawing from her spiritual practice and helping each yogi access their inner well-being and sense of oneness within. Jodi focuses on assisting people reach physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. She loves creating the environment on each mat and in the room where each person can explore his/her own practice while being encouraged and supported to find the next growth edge. Ms. King also enjoys skiing, hiking with her family and dog, mountaineering and exploring the world including all 7 continents (Antarctica being her favorite). Come join me on your mat!
  • Makayla Raine

    Makayla completed her 200 hr YTT program in April 2017. She is a new, eager, and passionate young yoga teacher. She began her practice at age 15, it was the one thing that helped with her pain caused by scoliosis. After getting a spinal fusion at age 17 she had to modify her yoga practice. She decided she wanted to bring that to others with similar disadvantages or injuries, so she began to teach others how to simplify or modify their practice. Makayla makes her classes personal, comfortable, and open to all ages. She says, “It’s not about getting into a headstand, it’s about doing what’s good for your body with mindfulness.”
  • Sydney Zwicker

    Sydney's path as a healer has been one of self-discovery, healing and empowerment. She is a Qoya teacher, a Yoni Crystals practitioner, and a certified Reiki master, with a background in integrative body therapy.

    There is no 'one' way, nor 'right' way to heal. Every person is different. Sydney works with clients using breath, the body, and intentional movement to feel what is working and to understand what may no longer serve each individual.