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Andrea Laltoo

It's safe to say EFT tapping changed my life! I discovered it "accidentally" through a dental continuing education course, and it's since become a valuable complement to my asana practice.

I went from having so much fear in my life that I had trouble leaving my house (this is actually true!) to now traveling solo for months at a time...and that's not all! EFT has brought more self awareness, openness, and overall love into my life than I thought possible. Now it's my bliss to be sharing this amazing technique with others!

I have been working on my practitioner certification through EFT Universe, and devote some of my time to traveling so I can learn from some of the most prominent figures in energy medicine. Recently, I attended events featuring Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Anodea Judith, and Dean Radin.

Besides tapping, I use Thetahealing in my energy healing practice, and have also completed my instructor training for several Thetahealing courses with Vianna Stibal.

I love keeping science as a part of my work too, and am a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, which helps to advance scientific research on these methods.

Andrea Laltoo