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Sandy Mighell

My name is SANDY MIGHELL, and I am a certified Nia Black Belt Instructor and Qigong Instructor. I have been practicing Nia Technique for 14 years, and began my journey into Qigong about 2 years ago.

I guess my love of movement really began at a very young age, with my father swaying with me to Frank Sinatra in the kitchen, and dipping me down until my hair touched the floor—how I giggled! I love my body and I love to move; and it's exactly this kind of playful spirit that I like to bring to my Nia practice. My classes have been described by my students as being "like a spa treatment for the body," "rejuvenating", "grounding" and even at times, "outrageous"! I hope to bring to my Nia classes a sense of personal safety, real comfort and vibrant joy in the body, as well as a deep and satisfying relationship of the body with music through expressive movement. Through Nia we make possible the transformation of our cell tissue by infusing it with positive conversation, conscious motion and awareness of the wholeness and the uniqueness of each of our bodies--and this journey into the body is well worth taking. Warning: Nia can be addictive and spontaneous full belly giggling is possible!!!

I also am very intrigued by eastern healing modalities and energy medicine, and have been a long-time believer in Traditional Chinese medical models such as acupuncture and shiatsu for my own healing. This study of my body's energy balance is what has drawn me to practice and teach Qigong. Qigong has transformed the ideas I had of energy (or "qi") from being esoteric and mysterious to palpable and practical for my daily life and body healing. And I've received very real healing benefits from Qigong that I would love to share with you; in particular, the balance of yin and yang energies in the body has been vital to my overall health and well-being.

Every Body…welcome!
Sandy Mighell