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Keri Kosloski

In 2005, Keri attended her first yoga class and after a brutal hour of attempting the "bendy twisty yogi thing", she thought sticking with running might be a better choice. However, five years later, she was being called to practice again and it was then when her love affair with yoga began. Though she grew up in Michigan, Keri quickly fled to Colorado to pursue teaching and is now a full-time teacher at a therapeutic residential treatment center for young boys. While her students keep her "on her toes" and challenge her daily in many ways, her yoga practice continually reminds her about patience and the importance of taking the time just to breath. Her practice allows her to fully appreciate living in the present moment. Being a very active and outdoorsy person herself, Keri enjoys teaching a class that is full of strength, power, and play all the while linking the breath to movement to create a graceful and fluid practice where the busy mind can cease to exist allowing for the heart and spirit to shine.
Keri Kosloski